Law firms often house sensitive client information, making them a prime target for cyber criminals. A law firm cyberattack provides large quantities of valuable, quality documents and can be disastrous for the law firm’s reputation, if it’s linked back to a poor cybersecurity program.


One of the largest law firms in the Pacific NorthWest needed a way to beef up their vulnerability management program and produce evidence for auditors, the board or management that showed their real-time risk map.


With DeepSurface, we can prioritize treating each vulnerability based not just on its CVSS score, but on the actual likelihood of it being exploited. It lets me pinpoint where in our environment we can focus energy and get the most risk remediation versus just pushing out patches to all assets every month….DeepSurface provides a visualization of different access levels of user and system accounts relative to asset patching status, so that we can see where a hacker might go, and which vulnerabilities – even lower-rated ones – might be exploited if a particular account is compromised.

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