Communicate priorities effectively

Communicate priorities effectively

Show your colleagues what end-to-end attack scenarios are possible and how these relate to business risk.

Once you know your organization's cyber risk, you have to be able to clearly and quickly communicate it.

DeepSurface® helps you quickly determine - every day - what are the top cyber risks on your organization's network. We also help you take the next step and communicate that risk to your executive team, vulnerability management team, patch management team, and even external auditors.

DeepSurface is a powerful Predictive Risk Management platform that finds all the risk pathways on your network, prioritizes them each day. It allows you to use a simple interface to share objective, and verifiable information about your risk to all stakeholders in minutes without having to create complex risk analysis and justifications from scratch.

"This is exactly what we need for our regulators."
      -- CISO of $800M dollar credit union

From very high-level risk prioritization information, to highly-detailed and editable risk pathway graphics, DeepSurface allows you to communicate clear and present danger to everyone on your team.

DeepSurface® is easy to install and configure. Our customer success staff are ready to set it up for you. Schedule a demo today.

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