Now you can eliminate more risk with less effort

Now you can eliminate more risk with less effort

Effectively prioritize vulnerability and patch management efforts by thinking like a hacker.

DeepSurface® is a Predictive Risk Management platform that picks up where vulnerability scanners leave off. Get the most bang for your buck in remediation efforts and leave behind the added cost in time, effort, and outside consultants.

DeepSurface analyzes all the vulnerabilities on your network and then calculates how an adversary could chain them together to access your most important assets with the least effort and highest likelihood of success. This is how your adversaries think, and this is the information you need to know to beat them.  

"DeepSurface® is a remarkable blend of expertise and elbow grease. It consumed information from a strikingly comprehensive set of systems in our network and then created exactly the view of our infrastructure a hacker would wish for."
    -- CISSP and Director of Information Security at $3 billion web property

DeepSurface presents an easy to understand report containing the hosts, pathways, and unpatched vulnerabilities that are adding the most risk to your network, and then shows you the quickest way to fix them. DeepSurface is a powerful force multiplier for your vulnerability management team, giving them the insight they need to reduce the most risk with the least effort.

DeepSurface® is easy to install and configure. Our customer success staff are ready to set it up for you. Schedule a demo today.

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