Learn how to better assess business risk using automation

Learn how to better assess business risk using automation

Between fighting ongoing attacks against fraud and theft in a highly-regulated environment, the shift to remote work and the 400% increase in cyberattacks in 2020, banks, credit unions, and other financial service institutions have unique cybersecurity needs.

With automation you can empower your over-tasked vulnerability management team and allow them to know, with precision, what vulnerabilities are adding the most business risk to your organization and allow them to take a proactive approach to reducing risk all while satisfying regulators and inspectors.


Join our February 4 Webinar with Dwayne Melacon, CTO at LeadVenture, and James Dirksen, CEO at DeepSurface Security, where we'll discuss the chellenges, solutions, and best practices for financial services groups to use automation to find, udnerstand, and address threats from avbusiness risk perspective.

Dwayne Melacon

CTO, LeadVenture


James Dirksen

Founder & CEO, DeepSurface


We'll also share more of our last case study with OnPoint Community Credit Union


Before DeepSurface:

Our default approach was 'we have to do everything' which is daunting. We had a generic list of vulnerabilities to patch but we weren't answering a critical question: 'Are we actually vulnerable to this?'.


With DeepSurface:

"It's much more surgical now that we have the tool in place. We can actually look at our environment and say 'The reason we have to patch this vulnerability is because if attackers did these steps this is what they'd be able to do'. Deepsurface shows that map, so we get a really tangible visible representation of the potential threat.It's actionable and represents our real world. It's truely representative of risk rather than just something aggregate that we get from a listserv somewhere."


Feedback from Regulators:

"The feedback from our regulators has been very, very positive. We just completed our annual exam and our examiner had never seen anything like this before. Deepsurface is pretty innovative."

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