Risk-Based Security Vulnerability Management Platform

Accelerate Security Vulnerability Analysis & Save Valuable Time
Analyzing the risk of a single vulnerability can take hours of work. Just recently with Log4J, companies have had to spend weeks on a single vulnerability. With DeepSurface's automated vulnerability analysis platform, teams can analyze and prioritize risks automatically.

Visualize Risk Pathways to Focus on Threats that Matter
DeepSurface's security vulnerability analysis and prioritization platform gives you a "hacker roadmap" that shows how every vulnerability (and chains of vulnerabilities) can be exploited, and enables you to instantly see and measure business risk.

Effectively Communicate Risk to All Stakeholders
Send easy-to-export visual reports that quantify cyber risk in terms of organizational risk and empower stakeholders with the resources to make data-driven decisions and see remediation ROI.

Trusted by Companies Across Highly Regulated Industries

Banks & Credit Unions
Health Care

What DeepSurface Can Do For You

Harness the Power of Automation

Powered by automation, DeepSurface eliminates manual processes of analyzing vulnerability scanner output, and provides actionable, tailored insights immediately.

Eliminate False-Positives

The DeepSurface vulnerability analysis and prioritzation platform automatically filters out false-positives and non-exploitable issues, translating into huge time savings and better results.

Automatic Context Gathering

Our software collects over 50 different attributes of your network and user environment to create a comprehensive model of your risk, far more than any scanner or threat feeds.

User-Friendly Threat Modeling

Vulnerability management shouldn’t be a “black box.” We show our work and provide cybersecurity teams with reports that make it easy to visualize threats that pose the most risk.

Easy-To-Export Risk Reports

Communicate your organization's threat risk to stakeholders in real-time and empower CISOs with meaningful metrics about cybersecurity risk.

Complete Insight, In Minutes

Accelerate vulnerability analysis & prioritization by 5X so your team can address the most important risks first, and prevent attacks.

Seamless Integrations