The DeepSurface RiskInsight Platform can be configured in a variety of ways to deliver the security context you need while minimizing deployment and maintenance efforts.

Depending on your environment, you may choose to configure DeepSurface as an agentless deployment, an entirely agent-based system, or a hybrid of the two.  Similarly, you may find you need one or more “subordinate” scanners.  The DeepSurface RiskInsight Platform supports any combination of the following deployment scenarios.

Agentless Deployments

  • Single Appliance
  • Appliance with Subordinate Scanners
  • Mixed Environment
  • Single Appliance and Some Micro-Agents
  • Single Appliance, Subordinate Scanners, and Some Micro-Agents

Agent-Based Deployments

  • Single Appliance and Micro-agents
  • Appliance, Subordinate Scanners, and Micro-Agents

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