We help you stop counting CVEs and start measuring risk

We help you stop counting CVEs and start measuring risk

Your vulnerability scanner doesn't know your network. Add the ability to objectively measure and control your risk.

Your vulnerability scanner doesn't have the context or intelligence it needs to measure risk. It's very good at scanning hosts and letting you know where known vulnerable software exists, but it can't tell you:

  •      The likelihood of that vulnerability being exploited,
  •      How vulnerabilities can be chained together and how likely that is to happen, or
  •      The business impact of what you are facing.

Remember: Impact x Likelihood = Risk, and your scanner doesn't know your network in a way that computes risk.

"Stop trusting vuln scanner ratings. Nessus doesn't know your network. A low for most may be a critical for you."
         -- Jake Williams, Founder of Rendition Infosec, SANS Instructor.

DeepSurface® is a Predictive Risk Management platform that is constantly bringing to your attention the real risks on your network. It does this by analyzing the millions of actual exploitation pathways through your network, prioritizing them according to how likely they are to happen, and taking into account what assets will be compromised if they do happen.

You already can't keep up with all the supposed "critical" CVEs on your network.  No one can.  You need to know the real risk you face, and solve for risk.

DeepSurface® is easy to install and configure. Our customer success staff are ready to set it up for you. Schedule a demo today.

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