About Us

We're on A mission

DeepSurface Security is on a mission to create a safer world for tomorrow. We are fundamentally transforming vulnerability management to protect people and organizations.

In 2017, frustrated with security, policy and regulatory/compliance tools that did little to actually help reduce risk, founder Tim Morgan set out to create a product that would provide a comprehensive picture of an organization’s threat landscape. It had to be quick, efficient and accurate, and make it easy to communicate risk to regulators, auditors and non-technical executives.

The first public version of the DeepSurface Risk Analyzer launched in 2020 and automates vulnerability analysis and prioritization.  The tools and resulting data enable cybersecurity teams  to quickly identify, communicate and remediate cybersecurity risk to all levels of their organization.

For more information about the DeepSurface Risk Analyzer, click here.

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Diversity & Inclusion

DeepSurface Security is a fast growing Portland startup with a commitment to creating an inclusive technology community. We believe the best solutions are created when there is a diverse range of lived experiences, and teams are strongest when they feel supported.

DeepSurface is also partnering with The Contingent and their Emerging Leaders Initiative to both help underrepresented students find internship placements and help support STEM education and professions for young adults.