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We're on A mission

DeepSurface Security is on a mission to create a safer world for tomorrow. We are fundamentally transforming vulnerability management to protect people and organizations.

In 2007, frustrated with security, policy and regulatory/compliance tools that did little to actually help reduce risk, co-founders James Dirksen and Tim Morgan set out to create a product that would provide a comprehensive picture of an organization’s threat landscape. It had to be quick, efficient and accurate, and make it easy to communicate risk to regulators, auditors and non-technical executives.

The first public version of the DeepSurface Risk Analyzer launched in 2020 and automates vulnerability analysis and prioritization.  The tools and resulting data enable cybersecurity teams  to quickly identify, communicate and remediate cybersecurity risk to all levels of their organization.

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Our Fearless Leaders

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DeepSurface Security is led by an executive staff of cybersecurity experts with years of experience and a detailed/precise/intentional focus on customer success. We deliver a world-class solution to help our customers objectively reduce and measure cyber security risk.

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Diversity & Inclusion

DeepSurface Security is a fast growing Portland startup with a commitment to creating an inclusive technology community. We believe the best solutions are created when there is a diverse range of lived experiences, and teams are strongest when they feel supported.

DeepSurface is also partnering with The Contingent and their Emerging Leaders Initiative to both help underrepresented students find internship placements and help support STEM education and professions for young adults.

Tim Morgan

Founder / Chief Technology Officer

Tim is the CTO and co-founder at DeepSurface Security and leads the company’s research and development efforts. Tim has 24 years’ experience as a software developer, penetration tester, digital forensics researcher, and application security expert. After earning CS degrees (B.S., Harvey Mudd College and M.S., Northeastern University), Tim spent 8 years helping build a Boston-based security consulting practice. In 2014 Tim founded Blindspot Security where he worked as a security consultant performing network, application, and comprehensive security assessments. Tim has presented his independent research on Windows registry forensics, XML external entities attacks, web application timing attacks, and practical application cryptanalysis at conferences such as DFRWS, OWASP’s AppSec USA, BSidesPDX, and BlackHat USA.

James Dirksen

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

James Dirksen is co-founder and CEO of DeepSurface Security, the first risk-based vulnerability management platform that allows cybersecurity teams to automate the process of analyzing and prioritizing vulnerabilities. A serial entrepreneur and accomplished executive, James brings a unique blend of leadership in the private and public companies to DeepSurface. After beginning his early career as a cybersecurity practitioner at Northrup Grumman and PriceWaterHouseCooper (PwC), he went on to found and be VP of Sales and Product at RuleSpace, an early SaaS product powering website categorization services for cybersecurity companies that was acquired by Symantec in 2010. After selling RuleSpace, he moved on to serve as VP of OEM Products at Procera Networks (now Sandvine) providing software DPI solutions used in cybersecurity products worldwide, and most recently served as Formaltech’s president, spearheading efforts to transition DARPA-funded cybersecurity prototypes to commercial use. Based in Portland, Oregon, James is also a board member and advisor to several startups.

Erin Scheller

Head of Marketing

Erin is the Vice President of Marketing for DeepSurface Inc. Erin joined DeepSurface from payment automation company where she was the VP of Marketing responsible the Corpay domestic lines of business managing a complete rebrand consolidating multiple lines of business, demand generation and partner and marketing operations. With over 22 years of experience in the marketing strategy and program development, Erin has held management roles in high technology companies including: Webtrends; Tripwire; and Siemens EDA. Erin graduated from the University of Oregon with a BS in Journalism Communications.

Charlie Kawasaki

Head of Business Development

Charlie Kawasaki is a serial entrepreneur and innovator in cybersecurity, AI/ML, networking, and software. Charlie is board member, investor and advisor for multiple startups, universities and public-private partnerships in cybersecurity, AI, and workforce development. Charlie served as CTO for PacStar (a part of Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions) for 16 years. He led multiple innovation initiatives including development of cutting-edge tactical computing and Commercial Solutions for Classified systems, resulting in contract awards for numerous DoD tactical programs including the US Army T2C2, US Army SFAB, US Army ESB-E, PM TN Secure Wireless Gateway, PEO-C3T TCNO, and US Marine Corps NOTM. Charlie has over 40 years’ experience launching and building companies and products, creating dozens of software and networking-based products. Charlie served as CEO of RuleSpace, Inc., which created AI/ML-based technology used in Internet parental controls by companies such as AOL, Yahoo, SBC, BellSouth, and Microsoft. Charlie currently serves on the boards of non-profits including the Technology Association of Oregon, Oregon State University Industry Advisory Board, and Mt. Hood Community College Cybersecurity Advisory Board.

Cyndi Fields

Head of Customer Success

Cyndi is the Senior Director of Customer Success for DeepSurface Security Inc. Cyndi joins DeepSurface from a financial technology company where she was the VP of Customer Implementation. Cyndi has over 18 years of experience specializing in customer success, implementation, and operations both in early stage and large publicly traded companies. Cyndi has held many different roles, partnering across multiple teams, created processes and built teams to ensure customers success and exceptional customer experience.

Ken Williams

Head of Product

Ken Williams is the Director of Product Development at DeepSurface Security. Ken spent years developing in-house tools for infosec companies, then co-founded RuleSpace alongside James Dirksen. There, he held Sales, Support and Engineering roles, usually at the same time. When Symantec acquired RuleSpace in 2010, Ken moved into management, leading the R&D team in implementing anti-phishing, anti-malware and other projects that utilized “big data” and machine-learning techniques. Ken left Symantec in 2013 to shift into consulting, then joined FormalTech as Senior Director, Development and Systems Engineering. FormalTech, a subsidiary of Galois, Inc., commercialized “bleeding edge,” DARPA-funded infosec prototypes. Ken is based in the Portland metro area.