About DeepSurface Security

DeepSurface was founded with a mission to fundamentally transform vulnerability management. Sick of vulnerability scanners, threat feeds and network policy tools that only provided insight into one part of a company’s cybersecurity risks or were just lists of regulatory check-boxes that didn’t actually reduce the risk of a company getting hacked, industry veterans and co-founders Tim Morgan and James Dirksen wanted to create a product that could provide a comprehensive picture of a company’s complete threat landscape. It had to be quick, efficient and accurate, and make it easy to communicate risk to regulators, auditors and non-technical executives.

Founded in 2017 and launched to the public in 2020, during the heart of the pandemic, the ambitious DeepSurface product uses automation to speed vulnerability analysis and prioritization, so cybersecurity teams can better identify, remediate and communicate cybersecurity risk and better protect their organization from attackers. For more information about the DeepSurface product, click here.

Meet the Team

Based in Portland, OR, our diverse and close-knit team has doubled it’s growth since launching from stealth in 2020. Our entrepreneurial culture is driven by people who love to build new things, have developed rock solid skills, and have a strong bias toward action. Best of all, we’ve built a team that genuinely likes working with each other!

Tim Morgan Founder / Chief Technology Officer
James Dirksen Founder / Chief Executive Officer
Neil Stratz Chief Revenue Officer
Mark Conan Chief Financial Officer
Rhiannon Pacheco Director of Marketing
Ken Williams Director of Product