The DeepSurface RiskAnalyzer

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Every organization is different, and we know it. The DeepSurface RiskAnalyzer collects context beyond vulnerability scanners and threat feeds to understand your environment better than anyone else.

How it Works

The DeepSurface RiskAnalyzer collects dozens of data points about your environment and combines this with security data to form a comprehensive picture of your risk posture.

Be More Impactful with Your Time

With more context, the DeepSurface RiskAnalyzer automatically filters out false-positives and non-exploitable vulnerabilities. Rich reports show you how adversaries can use medium vulnerabilities (or even chains of low and medium vulnerabilities) to cause more damage to your network than so-called “critical” issues.  Stop chasing CVSS 9s and 10s and focus on the vulnerabilities that matter in your environment!

Visualize Risk Pathways with Hacker Roadmaps

Vulnerability prioritization shouldn’t be a “black box,” so we show our work: share clear diagrams that show exactly how vulnerabilities can be chained together and used against you.  Quantify how your work reduces actual business risk!

Easily Communicate Risk with Objective Reports

Easily quantify cybersecurity risk with vulnerability assessment reports. Communicate business risk to other stakeholders in your organization like auditors, regulators, compliance teams and even executives and board members.

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Case Studies

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