We’re thrilled to announce DeepSurface 2.1, an improvement on DeepSurface 2.0 that makes it even easier to use. We’ve reorganized some things, added different nomenclature for increased efficiencies allowing you discover and remediate risk even faster.

“As a startup, we get to be a nimble organization.  We have great customers who we can collaborate with each month to choose which product updates most help their vulnerability management teams,” said James Dirksen, DeepSurface CEO. “DeepSurface 2.1 has usability and scalability improvements that help vulnerability teams work faster and even more efficiently to quickly identify and reduce the most risk to their business.”

What’s New?

The most significant changes in this update are improvements to our UI/UX. We have been hard at work behind the scenes working on a brand new coat of paint for DeepSurface. 2.1 includes a completely overhauled UI design language. The new UI includes:

  • New, bold, left navigation styling
  • More unified and consistent page styling that removes containers and borders throughout the application to present a seamless and connected experience
  • New form control stylings and experience that includes more intuitive inputs and controls with a more user-friendly input and form validation.
  • A re-designed Reporting (formerly Strategize) section that reorders the widgets and also presents more information about priority hosts, patches, and vulnerabilities. This paves the way for user-customizable dashboards coming in a future release!

Further updates to organization and navigation elements, including grouping all scanning-related settings into a unified ‘scanning’ section. This also paves the way for a new scanning overview dashboard coming in a future release!

  • More consistency throughout the application in regards to style and structure. Updated, consistent iconography throughout the application to help guide and explain the functionality to our users
  • Continued rollout of contextual help overlays that take up less screen space and can be dragged anywhere on the screen and more helpful notification messages.
  • We’ve renamed some things in the navigation bar to help clarify and solidify their purpose and the documentation will change for some new definitions.
  • “Strategize” has been renamed to “Reporting” in order to cement the fact that this is the place to get an overview of your environment. It also allows us to expand this section in the future to be the home of custom reporting.
  • “Analyze” has been renamed to “Risk Insight”. For many, this will be the biggest change as it is one of the most used sections of our application. Risk Insight speaks more to the nature of the data you will find in this section. It is here that you can really ‘dive in’ as deeply as you need to find out specific information about what is affecting your environment. Also, coming in release 2.2 will be an overhauled, more clear and useful Risk Insight experience.
  • The “About” section has been moved to the upper right corner user drop-down menu.
  • We’ve also made scalability changes improving the efficiency of and scalability of our queries and algorithms. This helps us be able to support larger environments with less wait time.

In many ways, this release is the first step in a new phase for DeepSurface. We are always striving to bring the best, most-usable and thoughtful experience to our customers and these changes give us a more consistent, usable and scalable platform to build the future of the DeepSurface console.

Interested in taking a test drive? Let us know!