The first thing DeepSurface® does is an agentless scan of your network to capture all the information you need to model your risk. This included user accounts, their access to multiple software systems, domain resources, applications running on desktops and servers, your environment’s network configuration, and so on.

Next, DeepSurface automatically ingests your vulnerability scan information so that it can map existing “pathways” across your network that would allow a hacker to chain vulnerabilities together given the model created in the first step. The end result of this is a daily, up-to-date model of how a hacker would view your network.

Finally, taking into account the value of the assets on your network, the difficulty and likelihood of exploiting the vulnerabilities in each pathway, and the length of each pathway, DeepSurface prioritizes all the risks on your network in an objective and easy to share way.

“This is exactly what I wanted to build at [Fortune 500 Company] for 4 or 5 years before. I don’t think anyone has been able to do this integration with network vulnerabilities and accounts.”

– Director of Cybersecurity

Once you have your network’s risks modeled and prioritized, you have a powerful tool to allow you to address risk in an objective way.

DeepSurface® is easy to install and configure. Our customer success staff are ready to set it up for you. Schedule a demo today.