Our mission is to equip cybersecurity teams with the best predictive vulnerability prioritization platform and allow them to quickly identify and reduce more cybersecurity risk every day. To that end, we’re proud to announce the release of DeepSurface 2.0!

Our team has been hard at work implementing the top requested features to better enable vulnerability management teams, and DeepSurface 2.0 does this through improving usability and scan results. We’ve updated the navigation, added an optional Windows agent, and made some exciting changes for improved threat scanning results.

What’s New?

Updated Navigation

Customer feedback and user experience testing showed that several DeepSurface workflows required too many clicks. We’re rolling out a two-stage update of our navigation for improved workflows. In the 2.0 release, we’ve reorganized many of the menus to give you faster access to the things you need most often. In upcoming releases, we will rename some of the elements and further refine the UI.

Windows Agents

With more people than ever working from home or from hybrid work from home environments, we’ve released a remote agent to use for scanning. Agents are small executables installed on client machines that collect vulnerability information. Not everyone likes agents. They’re an additional piece of software to manage and update on a client machine, and our product works well without them. However, in response to customer requests we’ve included optional agents in 2.0. We encourage you to use them if they work for you.

Expanded Vulnerability Scanner Support

When DeepSurface launched last year, we could ingest vulnerability data from the Tenable line of vulnerability scanners. Today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve expanded support to include Rapid7’s InsightVM and Qualys VMDR.

AWS EC2 Cloud Scanning

We all know leveraging cloud platforms to host valuable resources and services carries risk, and now DeepSurface can help you analyze and mitigate that risk. Our initial foray into Cloud Scanning Support allows you to include Amazon EC2 instance access into your risk analysis.  

Enhancements to Linux Scanning

Linux plays a huge role in our customers’ networks. We’ve always had support for Linux systems, but with 2.0 we’ve improved it. We now analyze the loaded kernel modules to provide more precise risk metrics, we recognize Linux systems that are members in Active Directory, and we provide enhanced modeling of SSH key-based access grants throughout your network.

All of these changes will be available on customer systems this week.

Interested in taking a test drive? Let us know!