Today, we’re proud to announce that DeepSurface is now integrated with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (formerly known as Microsoft ATP) and can automatically import vulnerability information across Microsoft, Linux and MacOS hosts directly into the DeepSurface vulnerability management platform. The DeepSurface platform uses this data to automatically analyze and prioritize vulnerabilities based on potential risk to an organization.

We’re thrilled to be providing this new functionality that allows teams to quickly and easily import data from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint into DeepSurface, granting real-time insights into their real cybersecurity risks. This integration allows our customers to quickly reduce the risk of a cyberattack on their organization by giving them more complete insight into their threat stance.

DeepSurface considers more than 50+ attributes on a network to create the most comprehensive and complete risk model.

Not only does DeepSurface provide a more comprehensive view of risk on your network, it also speeds vulnerability analysis and prioritization by up to 5X. So you can spend less time analyzing and prioritizing vulnerabilities, and more time fixing the things that matter most. Better yet, DeepSurface can also produce daily, weekly, or monthly reports that can appear in your inbox in XLSX or PDF formats to help you easily communicate your real risk to other stakeholders in your organization..  

It’s easy to integrate your Microsoft Defender for Endpoint results with DeepSurface. Setup takes just a few minutes: create some Microsoft Defender for Endpoint API keys, plug them in to DeepSurface, and you’re done!

DeepSurface is available for on-prem deployments or as a cloud-hosted solution via the AWS Marketplace (both metered and BYOL).

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